Attention Single Profesional Ladies

Creating a divine structured plan to attract the right man, build an amazing relationship while you accelerate the abundance and success by
having more pleasure and fun, it’s possible, this year!

Join Simona Anghel for... 

A 5-day Workshop - designed
to help you create your
2021 Abundance Accelerator Plan
for attracting the right man
while you fix your income.

Wednesday, December 9th through Sunday, December 13th.

DAILY at 6.00 pm GMT / 7.00 PM CET

In this 5-Day Workshop, Simona Anghel will help to create a divine step by step 2021 Abundance Accelerator Plan for attracting everything that you want - more money, the right man, abundance and success.
Purposely developed to help you to finally have a simple plan that you can easily follow without procrastination, overthinking or second-guessing, while you are having more pleasure and fun.

It's time to lean to have it ALL!


 Wednesday, December 9th through Sunday, December 13th.


Online of course! Into my private Facebook Group Bloom your Love Life. You can watch in bed, on your cell phone, or anywhere with an internet connection. This is a lucrative group where you will feel comfortable to share your deepest fears.


You, and few of amazing women ready to shift their love life NOW. 

I repeat, this will be a group with smart women where you will feel safe to express your true self and your deepest fears. 


The normal cost is ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

…just because you deserve to create a 2021 Abundance Plan.

Here's How It Works
The Schedule

Day 1 Create the ultimate Clarity of your 2021 Goals.

We will analyze the three major areas of your life (money, love, health) and create clarity of what you want. I will help you choose those soul-aligend goals that will give you the excitment and freedom you need to start the year with full power. 

Day 2 – Create your 2021 Abundance Accelerator Plan.

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to make a plan. Without a clear plan, aligned with your soul, you will not be able to achieve your goals. You will start in January to find excuses, to postpone, to look for all sorts of seemingly simpler solutions but which will confuse you and make you lose more precious time. With a well-designed plan you will be able to eliminate the fear of failure and quickly increase your confidence.

Day 3 – It’s time to take action!

The 3rd day will be allocated for analyzing the actions introduced in your abundance plan. On this day you will understand how important it is to know the winning proportion between the direct (masculine) actions with the energetic, indirect (feminine) ones. Without this analysis you will start to do a lot of actions that will not give you a result and then you will say again that nothing works.

Day 4Efficiency and Urgency

On the 4th day you will learn how to be efficient in approaching your actions. And the most important aspect, how to create urgency. On this day you will understand why successful women achieve their goals very quickly.

Day 5 – Live Webinar on Zoom With Q&A 

3 Step Plan Smart Single Women Use To Create Accelerate Their Abundance Effortlessly by having more pleasure and fun…
The last day comes with many surprises and much more clarity on the manifestation process. You will understand why your manifestation process is working against you and what you need to do so to eliminate those unwanted results with a dramatic effect.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!