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A first date in a striptease club 💕

Having my weekly workout with my personal trainer I heard from her a story that pissed me off.

She is an amazing woman in her 40’s who is single and struggling to attract the right man: a committed, emotionally available, generous, and financially stable man.

“Simona – this is the story of my life.

I’m open.

I’m confident.

I’m positive and relaxed.

I want a relationship.

However, I attract only weird blokes.”

She paused, and continued with an angry tone, “I had a date last night (on Sunday) with a guy I’ve known for a while. He invited me for a first date in a striptease club! 

WHAT?! Are you kidding me! A first date in a striptease club!”

(Breathing in to collect herself.)

“I paid for the first round of drinks because he was 15 min late. When he finally arrived, he spoke only about his exes and his ex-wife. As if that’s not frustrating enough, he paid only part of his bill, not even his entire consummation.”

She felt guilty for wanting to respect her boundaries…and at the same time, guilty because he didn’t respect them. She wanted to leave him at the bar without explanation, but her common sense didn’t let her: you know, a lady is supposed to act like a lady.

“What is wrong with me? Why am I repeating this over and over again? Why are men playing cheap with me? When will this stop?”

Tell me: does it sound familiar?

You have a date with a man after a long period of waiting. You want everything to go well and finally start a relationship. However, a few minutes into the date, he starts acting weird and you don’t know how to react: be a lady or treat him exactly as he treats you?

Here’s the bottom line: You have had impressive success in your career and business. Now, it’s time to dedicate time to your love life.

If you don’t fix your confidence level, boundaries, self-esteem and the connection with who you really are SOON, you won’t be able to attract the Right Man, and you won’t build a long-lasting relationship – Effortlessly. 


Without all of these, you can’t choose and recognise the right one. It’s impossible.

Without fixing this problem, you will only pick/attract the wrong men into your life.


Here is the truth: it doesn’t have to be this way.

While most single successful women are struggling with attracting the right man, a small handful of coachable, decisive, and action-taking women are quietly attracting High-Quality Men (committed, emotionally available, generous and financially stable) in less than 1 month.

You can also do the same even if you’ve tried everything (affirmations, hypnotherapy, coaching, dating sites). It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been alone for more than 30 years.

Imagine how you are going to feel if:

Dating will be joyful and dignified – you will start to be seen by men and begin to consciously and subconsciously attract the men that you want in your life.

✔️You will attract men both online and offline, and you will be free to choose the one who fits your bill and is ready to commit to building a future with you.💕

✔️You will enjoy the fantastic feeling of being in love and being loved back by the man of your dreams.💕

✔️You will have unstoppable power and energy, reach your life-goals and evident solid confidence.💕

✔️You will feel what it means to be truly loved, nourished, and adored and safe to give your love.💕

✔️You will have a man supporting you in achieving your goals, trust you, and be the best version of yourself.💕

✔️You will feel feminine and sensual and have abundant pleasure and live in fulfilling intimacy and connection.💕

✔️You will enjoy being the envy of your friends as you run a successful business or career and enjoy a fulfilling intimate relationship.💕

✔️And you’ll do all of this while tapping back into who you really are, your power as a woman and your inner pleasure and joy.💕

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With Love,

Simona Turcanu

Founder Bloom your Love Life