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In this call, you will experience the  5 “Must Have” Love Strategies You Need to Attract Your Soulmate in less than 30 days

Perfect for you EVEN IF you’ve tried everything, you’re busy, more masculine and ready to give up.
We work with active, committed, ambitious and successful professional women who are ready to attract the right man and build an amazing long-lasting relationship.
If you can’t find the best time for you then send me a message by clicking HERE.
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What you will get in the 45 min with me:

– clarity about your deepest love blocks – we are going to have an honest conversation about your love life where we are going deeper to identify the root cause of your inability to be in the perfect love relationship.
– clarity about your love goals – we will identify precisely your soul-aligned love goal for speeding up the manifestation process.
– create a step-by-step tangible action plan to eliminate your love blocks & attract the man who has all the qualities you want, in the next 30 days – without a clear plan full of soul-aligned actions you will never attract what you want.

This call is for YOUR LOVE Big Breakthrough so the following is a requirement BEFORE you book this call:

1. You have a LOVE GOAL you want to achieve NOW. Not in one week, one month or one year! You are ready to do the inner work, go outside of your comfort zone, take totally new actions and financially invest to meet your love goal!
2. You already WATCHED the full masterclass so you have all the details for our discussion at Masterclass Replay. (CLICK HERE) Please do NOT book until you have watched our masterclass for you to get the full benefit of our time together.
3. You will show up on time and honor your appointment because this is FOR YOUR BIG BREAKTHROUGH. So, you will be in a quiet space where you CAN FOCUS uninterrupted to meet with your personal coach. You will put reminders in your calendar and anywhere else you need to so you don’t forget about this special time we are going to set aside for you.

Who This Call Is For

  • You are successful in your professional life, have all areas of life sorted and you are committed to shifting your Love Live Now!
  • You can’t attract your ideal vision of love or ideal partner.
  • You are willing to grow in your love life, not just settle in a compromised and boring relationship.
  • You are sick and tired of applying mainstream advice (to meditate, repeat affirmations and visualizations).
  • You are DONE with trying it all on your own!… You’re ready to invest the time, money and effort you need to realistically attract the right man and build a family right now.
  • You’re coachable and ready for results NOW (not months or years down the road).

Who This Call Is Not For…

  • You are not ready to commit to attracting the right man and building a long-lasting relationship. If you want to solve your love life only if it’s convenient then this is not for you. 
  • You’re NOT serious about investing time, energy and money yet (come back to us when you’re ready!)
  • You can’t accept that you are responsible for your actions and outcomes.

Let me tell you my story.

Personal coach Simona Turcanu

I was dumped by my fiance …

I just moved to a brand new city, I was in a new engineering job, I had no friends, no emotional support, feeling not attractive at all, being overweight and I didn’t know even how to flirt.
I spent the next 90 days in tears and denial. I was hoping that he will come back because a friend of mine who was a clairvoyant told me that he is my soulmate and I will get married at 25 years old with him.
When I finally dried my eyes and got out of bed, an astrologer told me that I just have bad karma in the relationship field and that I should accept being alone for the rest of my life.

Being alone wasn’t an option.

Therefore I became obsessed to find WHY and THE SOLUTION.
I tried everything…
After 5 years of trying everything (astrology, numerology, Reiki, Shamanic procedures, Theta Healing. I was able to help my friends to attract the right man and have clients, even I was alone), my breakthrough was that I realized I was applying wrongly the 5 Love Principles.
And as soon as I fixed them and got aligned with all the details of my desired love life, 2 weeks later I met Alex, my husband.
And this life path gave me a great solution for ladies like me, which are high-achievers and don’t want to give up. I already helped over 500 women to overcome their fears and find love with the right guy in less than 30 days.



Elena Cellai

Elena Cellai ~ Project Manager

Elena's results after she just finished the program.

'Yesterday I finished my 3-month program (that, of course, I decided to prolong with a subscription to all Q&A) and I feel like sharing with all of you the great progress this experience brought into my life.
Three months ago I was so lost, so confused about almost everything: my emotions, what I really wanted from a relation, from a man, from myself being in a relationship. I felt scared, confused, I felt I had to profoundly heal myself and feel 'enough'.

During these three months, clarity grew bigger and bigger, self-confidence followed, self-esteem replaced fears and uncertainty.
It was not miraculous, I went through tough times. On top of those, the relation I started during these three months failed, but I was super quick to recover from it thanks to Simona's words and advice. She really enlightened me.

Now I have just started a new relationship and I feel confident: about the man who is next to me but most of all about myself.

Of course, I am still learning, that's why I will continue to be with you in the Q&A and I am happy that whenever I feel off track, this awesome program developed by this awesome lady will be right there to keep focused.

Thanks, Simona Anghel'

Elena's results after 18 months from the end of the program.

"I approached Simona after the umpteenth love catastrophe, in August 2019. I was really fed up with love and men, and on the one hand I wanted to stay alone for the rest of my life, on the other one I did not want to give up on my future satisfaction. The programme is demanding, in the sense that you have to truly commit, to sincerely follow it, to be honest with yourself, to undercover parts of you or your life you would rather escape from, but Simona was always there to motivate, to praise, to encourage, to find the right words at the right time. Result: in December 2019 I met my partner and we started a committed and satisfying relationship, that endured and strengthened during the covid pandemic. It worked so well for my love life that now I have joined another program left by Simona to create abundance and alignment in my career. I am certain it will be another success."

Vitalija Pilipauskaitė ~ Author

Vitalija Pilipauskaitė ~ Author

"Dear Simona, 6 months ago, on the 15th of January, I made a decision to commit and started work with your program. I started a stable wonderful relationship a bit lately. I met him on the 18th of March, after 2 months of working with you Simona. I'm 38, divorced, I have 3 kids. I thought that that's impossible - to find a man who is able to accept me and my kids. Now I know that everything is possible. 🙂 We spend almost all the time together, I, he and my kids. We are ready to live together and create our home. I feel loved. Everything is much simpler and easier if I know what I want and if I act for it. 🙂 I know that my next step will be my own business. You showed me The Way. If my experience can help to inspire other women (or men), I will be happy to help you and them. We (me and my partner) have a flight to Iceland today. We start our holidays for 2 weeks!!!! I feel really happy. Everything is different this time. No drama, no strong emotions - only a lot of hugs, kisses, conversations, dreams... I feel safe. This is quite a new experience for me. Thank you, Simona. You are my best investment ever💛💛🧡"

Riikka Kosola ~ Artist and International Dancer

"Simona is one of the best coaches, mentors and visionary I've met in my life. She helped me to come again close to my state of being where I feel empowered, master of my dreams and my abilities with an inner Joy to go forward. This after a really hard period of being a single mother abroad after a separation and bad new relationship that had something that I had really big difficulties to leave behind. With Simona's efficient and direct way of listening and giving tools and always answering fast and clear to my questions made me feel really confident trusting her from the beginning on. I followed the program as much engaged in it as I could, and managed to change completely my love life and self-confidence. I believed again in my big and small dreams as I used to do, and had back my way of manifesting in the Universe what my being was longing for - in this Simona's role was crucial as she listened to her intuition and also believed in my capacity of manifesting the money needed, as I did. Now I'm living between three countries while doing my performance artist work and having a growing relationship with a man I met on Valentine's Day in such romantic circumstances I would have never even imagined before! Huge Gratitude for finding her!"

Mirella Facchinetti ~ CEO

Mirella Facchinetti ~ CEO

I was exactly like that woman (a professional woman who is too occupied with her business or career) before applying Simona’s program. After my divorce my job became my family. The more I worked the more I felt frustrated. And I attracted only men who didn’t want to commit with me. During and after the program I started to attract more committed men and even if the relationships didn’t last for long time I could open my heart more and more and experience my vulnerability. It’s an amazing journey and when you start to connect with your heart you attract people who are committed to share and love. The best learning I got from Simona is: stop blaming others. It’s not about them , it’s about you.
Be the first; others are our mirrors. I definitely recommend Simona’s program. 🌈✨❤️

Sonia Soumia ~ Personal Trainer

Sonia Soumia ~ Personal Trainer

Simona is a great coach, she knew exactly how to coach me and how to make me move in action. She kept me motivated along the way until I reached my dream – to meet my Soulmate.  I met him after 4 weeks of being in the program. I am happy that I meet her. Her integrity, honesty and patient make her also an exceptional woman as a coach and human being. Looking forward to still work with her in the future.

Diana Juskaite ~ Lead Engineer

Diana Juskaite ~ Lead Engineer

I feel like the language lacks of words to describe the professionalism and the high-quality service of Simona. She just nails it. She goes under your skin, gathers the data and teaches you to solve whatever issue you may have, teaches you to lead your life and live it with a great success, followed by true and juicy happiness. And this is made not by some theory or general formula, but by understanding what do YOU need and want specifically, and helping you to be the real YOU. Simona is brilliant at this. I am highly impressed. The hardest thing is to end the course because it is so amazing to work with Simona. I have worked with her for 2 months because i saw some patterns that i was repeating and could not figure out how to get out of that damn circle. After 2 months I gained outstanding clarity and focus, learned to make bold decisions and trust them. Moreover, even though i really did not expect, I met the perfect man with whom I am building literally a dream relationship. It feels surreal, though it is true.

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