Attention Successful Professional Ladies

Attract the right man and build an amazing relationship effortlessly without being afraid of losing yourself or him, it’s possible, this year!

Join Simona Turcanu for... 

A 10-day - Eliminate your Love Fears Bootcamp designed to help you to find & eliminate the deepest fears from your love life so to finally attract and maintain
True Lasting Love.

Monday, February 24th through Wednesday, March 4th.

DAILY at 6.00 pm GMT / 7.00 PM CET

In this 10 Day Bootcamp, Simona Turcanu will give you powerful self-coaching tools for helping you to find and eliminate all your fears that are sabotaging your love life for years.
Purposely developed to help you to finally have the ultimate AHA moment and shift your perception forever about being afraid of choosing the wrong man or starting and not being able to maintain the relationship.

Changing your love life forever!


Monday, February 24th through March 4th at 6 pm GMT/ 7 pm CET.


Online of course! Into a secret Facebook Group – Eliminate your love fears. You can watch in bed, on your cell phone, or anywhere with an internet connection. This is a small lucrative group where you will feel comfortable to share your deepest fears.


You, and few of intelligent women ready to shift their love life NOW. 

I repeat, this will be a small group with smart women where you will feel safe to express your true self and your deepest fears. 

What you will get:

  • More than 10 Fears that will be analyzed and explain so to understand the root-cause (fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, fear of ending in a compromised relationship, fear of abandonment, fear of losing your freedom, fear of repeating a pattern, fear of not being lied or cheated, fear of not being betrayed, fear of not being used, fear of not getting hurt, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of ending alone).
  • More than 5 Self-coaching tools to overcome once and for all your deepest fears. I will share and do it with you the best tools to break through your fears.
  • And many more surprises that will help you more in achieving your love goals this year.


The normal cost is £250. 

However if you will pay till 24th of February, the investment will be

ONLY £97

…just because you deserve to know this information and transform your love life.

Here's How It Works
The Schedule

Day 1 – Eliminate the fear of rejection. 

Day 2 – Eliminate the fear of not being good enough. 

Day 3 – Eliminate the fear of ending alone.

Day 4 – Eliminate the fear of ending in a compromised relationship or loosing your freedom.

Day 5 – Eliminate the fear of abandonment, being betrayed, lied and cheated. 

Day 6 – Eliminate the fear of repeating a pattern.

Day 7 – Eliminate the fear of not getting hurt.

Day 8 – Eliminate the fear of failure and success.

Day 9 – Eliminate the fear of not being used.

Day 10 – Eliminate the fear that it may not happen to me to have a successful relationship.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!

The normal cost is £250. 

However if you will pay till 24th of February, the investment will be

ONLY £97