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“Each Therapist Told Me: This Will Fix You”

How many times have you gone for therapy sessions hoping that the therapist will help ‘fix’ you?


How many times have you thought – I now need a therapist!

The society has told you, to hit your goals and start attracting the right men in your life, you need to heal your past for months and months. Otherwise, you will live a lonely life without a partner.

I call all these preconceptions nonsense.

I understand and acknowledge that some therapists do have an immensely positive impact on people trying to work through specific issues in life.

However, this was my experience:

About 8 years ago, I tried that exact same strategy. I went to Reiki (Almost ended up becoming a Reiki practitioner); I went shamans. I went to the astrologers. I went to therapies and philologist. 

See, I believed that if I just eliminate my past blocks and traumas by doing all these therapies…then I would attract an amazing man and start the desired love life. I mean, that’s what they tell you, right?

But what really happened?

I went into depression because for me going to all those therapies and trying and hoping and then being disappointed was very draining.

Each therapist told me: “with this, I will fix you.”

My hope was up and then after a few weeks – nothing. Or worse – I got into a relationship that didn’t last. 

I even lost hope. 

And for a minute, I thought there was no hope for me. I was probably meant to live a single life.

Then I asked myself ONE question – what would happen if I stopped going to all these therapists and started concentrating on what I want by being 100% committed to succeed?

 I went to a fantastic mentor who told me everything about energies and the Law of Attraction. 

️And, within 2 weeks, I’ve attracted 4 interviews for engineering contracts in the UK. 

️In 1 month, I was able to move into the UK.

️ In 2 weeks after being in the UK, I met my fiancé.

I did all this by focusing on what I want, being 100% committed to succeed, using the Law of Attraction, concentrate on the Pleasure Path… without working on my traumas, blocks and my past and only by feeling good all the time. 


My mission is to help intelligent single women to attract the Right Man and build a fantastic relationship Effortlessly by using energies, mindset, new actions and a simple 5 step system for permanent amazing results. 💕

It’s not easy, but it is simple – most women just don’t know-how.

I love to work with women who are hungry and ready to transform their lives: women who have decided they want to love, are committed to making it happen, and are not willing to let external circumstances stand in their way. 💕

If that’s you, let’s talk! I have a few spots this week. Just grab a time that works for you for a complimentary Breakthrough Session with me:



Warning: This is Session is NOT for you if:

You are interested in finding love, but not ready to commit.

You think love comes by itself and not aware that you are self-sabotaging and blocking the process of attraction.

You have a weak masculine side and have trouble to manifest your desire to work life and financial stability.



With L♡VE,

Simona Turcanu

Founder of Bloom your Love Life