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I’m Sorry, They Lied To You!

Have you ever been told that if you want to be in an amazing relationship💕, you need to work on your subconscious belief patterns?

They lied to you!

Okay, before some of you start hurling stones in my direction, take a minute and read on…

Working on your subconscious is like peeling off the onion: after every layer, you get to another layer underneath!

About 5 years ago, I tried that exact same strategy. I started my certified coaching program (something more powerful than NLP). I also began to dig deep in my subconscious to find beliefs, patterns, fears, all the weeds that were stopping me from achieving my goals.

See, I believed that if I just eliminate my beliefs and patterns by doing all this subconscious work…then I would be able to have everything I desired.

Don’t take me wrong…I love my methods. I’m still using them and helping my clients but how you use them, for what purpose and what you do after the sessions is crucial in changing your life and achieving your goals.

But what really happened?

I went into several burnouts because I was expecting that the methods will perform a miracle. Also, by digging deep in my subconscious, I thought that all these patterns and beliefs would end.

But wasn’t the truth.

Each time when I was eliminating one pattern, other 3 (sometimes more) showed up in my awareness. I felt that this work would never end, as I was expanding in blocks and not in results.

I was spinning around in all the patterns with all different methods, and nothing worked.

I was counting my subconscious blocks, which suddenly were more and bigger and harder to understand and delete.

Oh boy, …it was exhausting, draining and frustrating.

Then I asked myself three questions:

 ️What would happen if I took some of the insights I had already received and took TANGIBLE STEPS towards my goals?

️What would happen if I stopped peeling the onion and instead use the peels to doing the REAL WORK!

️What would happen if I stopped obsessing about the beliefs and instead came up with an ACTION PLAN to go after my goals?

These decisions saw me start to make REAL PROGRESS in life.

In this way, I started to achieve my goals without amplifying the drama, blaming my belief patterns, and making excuses for why I’m not hitting my goals.

Bottom line:

  1. If you do only the subconscious work without a plan of logical and innovative actions which are aligned with your goals, then you will never have results.
  2. If your actions are not new and aligned with your goals, then you will never have results. You will do new versions of your old actions, and this will keep you in the same reality.
  3. And the most important part if you aren’t committed to doing whatever it takes, and you aren’t willing to change, then don’t be upset that you aren’t happy and you feel stuck.


My mission is to help intelligent single women to attract the Right Man and build a fantastic relationship Effortlessly by using energies, mindset, new actions and a simple 5 step system for permanent amazing results. 💕

It’s not easy, but it is simple – most women just don’t know-how.

I love to work with women who are hungry and ready to transform their lives: women who have decided they want to love, are committed to making it happen, and are not willing to let external circumstances stand in their way. 💕

If that’s you, let’s talk! I have a few spots this week. Just grab a time that works for you for a complimentary Breakthrough Session with me:



Warning: This is Session is NOT for you if:

You are interested in finding love, but not ready to commit.

You think love comes by itself and not aware that you are self-sabotaging and blocking the process of attraction.

You have a weak masculine side and have trouble to manifest your desire to work life and financial stability.



With L♡VE,

Simona Turcanu

Founder of Bloom your Love Life