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“One Day, Someday I Will Have My Real, Great Life”

Most of us are still on the chase for “One day, someday I will have my real, great life” – giving our power away to a future which may or may not come. Most of us live in this state of consciousness on a daily basis.

But the truth is that “one day, someday” is now, and “one day, someday” is really nowhere to get to if you are missing the moment, with all its gifts and all its precious wisdom.

Today is the day to wake up and realize that life is short, moments are precious. And you must do whatever is possible to peel away the fears, the trauma of the past, the disappointments, the regrets, the hurt and the pain so you can be in your life RIGHT NOW with a new future in front of you.

You Must give it to yourself no matter what your excuses might be for staying stuck or for why you can’t.

!!!You can and you must!!!

Yes, it might take a little finagling to get the help and support that you need, but it’s time to move it to the front of the line, the top of the priority list.

It’s time to stop worrying about everyone around you and begin to focus on you.

If you live a great, fulfilling, and extraordinary life, everyone who is supposed to be helped by you will get what they need. Just watching you thrive will radically alter their lives and give them the hope and inspiration that they need to handle their own challenges.

So what are your excuses?

Most of us talk about them all the time: “I don’t have enough money, I don’t have the education or credentials that I need, I’m too old, she broke my heart, he said he would take care of me.”

We buy into our excuses and believe them to be the truth.

We stop moving forward and start driving ourselves crazy by running around in repetitive circles, blaming others or life, refusing to see our part in the circumstances we’re creating, refusing to learn the lessons in front of us, and going nowhere fast.

Who are you still blaming???

God, your mother, your ex, your kids, your teachers, your government?


Blame is the nasty little infection that keeps you stuck in the past. It is a virus and if you don’t detect it in its latent state, you will catch it. Many of you already have it and just haven’t had it properly diagnosed! Blame is the weapon that perpetuates the internal wars just the same way it causes external wars.

“I’m RIGHT and you’re WRONG” is the global anthem of the Blame Game. “You did it to me, so I can now use it as an excuse to stay where I am and not maximize my full potential.”

Even if it is true that you have been wronged – because in this lifetime you will be – you have to digest the experiences and learn the lessons, even if they are hard ones to swallow.


Stop pointing your finger, stop wishing and wanting your life to be different. This is your life. It may never get any better than this, so NOW how are you going to be great?

This is the challenge. And ultimately, if you want to live an inspiring and satisfying life, if you want to go to your grave all used up and happy, you have to have the COURAGE to move on with your life.


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With L♡VE,

Simona Turcanu

Founder of Bloom your Love Life